Raising Awareness of Mobbing Faced By Women Academics: A New Perspective Project

What We Do??

The project aims to increase awareness about workplace bullying (gender-based inequality - mobbing) faced in the academic field by analyzing the current situation of universities. While academic mobbing which includes many risk factors such as academicians, faculty members, students, gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnic origin, rank or seniority, work experience and age are among the primary topics of this project, all these factors are related to mobbing. Cases of academic (workplace) bullying often led to numerous negative consequences for victims, including physical, emotional and psychological harm as well as various work-related and organizational consequences. These results will be among the main research topics of the project.

In the project, some tackling strategies will be summarized by giving appropriate detailed materials (booklet, posters, statistical data and analysis etc.) and awareness in the academic field will be increased. The stories of 10 real female academicians who are victims of mobbing will be published as nameless and anonymously, awareness mechanisms will be created against these negative situations and support mechanisms will be established for solutions with the website created. Interviews with 10 female academics will be drawn up with a qualitative analysis method and the results will be published on the website. Findings will be discussed as form analysis, individual, social, institutional and structural challenges and the relationships between these different levels will be highlighted in the project. Since gender-based mobbing (psychological bullying) in academia has many different and interrelated factors predicted, the project will try to raise awareness on this issue by adopting a systematic and multi-level approach to combating gender inequality / mobbing in academia with a new perspective.

Number of Academics Interviewed